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NORTIA is the only magazine that takes a view of success and development using a personal approach. NORTIA readers understand that the world has elements beyond our control and that the relationship between ourselves and the world we live in requires an introspective look at what we want and how we choose to get it. No longer should we look outward for our opportunities, luck and favourable moments, instead we should look deeply at out our lives and define success for ourselves.

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Our readers understand and embrace that they are responsible for their long-term success and happiness, and need to be proactive in finding the inspiration, motivation, and resources to achieve their goals. Some may choose to be leaders of a Fortune 500 company; others may wish to be more open with their self-expression instead of allowing others to define them. Whatever you decide, NORTIA understands that our readers desire the freedom and control to make all meaningful personal decisions and we are committed to helping you define success for yourself.

Our articles are here to provide the confidence to pursue your own fortune and destiny, to deny our limitations and emerge as a self-fulfilling individual.




Brian Interline Nortia About Us.jpg-minBrian InterlineI am a freelance journalist with over four years of experience in writing for publications, online resources, and blogs in the education industry. I’m the forum administrator and blog contributor for NORTIA.





Joshua Paxton Morgan NortiaAbout Us-minJoshua Paxton MorganI am a United States Navy Veteran with a master’s degree in┬áSocial Institutions and Culture from Penn State University. None of those achievements is as important to me as the journey I went through to get them. NORTIA is an outlet for me to share my story of hard work and persistence as well as connect with others.


NORTIA is your guide for success and favourable moments through inspiration, motivation and humour.

Life Is Short

One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we buy into this idea that life is short. So scientists have said that humans have been on this planet for a couple hundred thousand years. How long are you going to live? 50-60, maybe 80 years if you exercise, watch what you eat, and control …